A worldwide tradition...

The wedding trousseau is a tradition that comes across all cultures, in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia.
The traditional trousseau is what a bride brings to enter into her new family, mainly composed of bed linens, clothes and beauty products. Every country has its own variation.
Although quite disappeared in Europe, it is still very anchored in Asia and North Africa.
Bubble Mood reinvents the wedding trousseau…

Between Paris and Bangkok, Bubble Mood creates a modern trousseau as a testimonial of its French-Asian DNA.
A tribute to traditions, craftsmanship, femininity:

- All materials used are sustainable.
- All items are locally sourced, produced, respecting environment and work conditions.
- Everything is re-usable and designed to last.

Package Crazy in Love
The Packaging.
A customized sun towel wrapped in Japanese furoshiki artcraft.
The trousseau box.
A wicker box, handmade by local craftsmen in Chiangmai.
My own bubble.
Wrap the bride in a bubble of joy, care and love with one of our kimonos.
Fan the stress out.
An 100% natural fan, or shall we say the bride's secret weapon.
Beauty sleep is everything.
A sleeping mask to wake up "like this" in the morning.
Good vibes, only.
A set of crystals designed to bring positive energy and inner peace.
A sparkle.
To shine, to cherish, to get lucky. on the D day, or the day after, and every day after that.
Catch all the mess.
The perfect emergency kit pouch to be filled and given to the bridesmaids.