Malika Favre & Bubble Mood…

Famous for her covers of the New Yorker Magazine, known for her minimal, sharp, contrasted and graphic work, Malika Favre’s style takes the viewer through major artistic influences such as POP ART, while being very easy to recognize. It plays with the fragile line between positive and negative space and between light and dark. Malika Favre and Bubble Mood have collaborated on an exclusive POP UP line.

Created for this versatile material that is the textile and on a quite big scale, the 2 illustrations have been designed for 3 iconic garnments in Bubble Mood’s DNA: a kimono dress, a kimono and a jacket.

The 3 designs are made in satin silk, perfect to keep the original shine and boldness of the illustration.
They are limited series, numbered and available on pre-order until October 15th 2019.

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