About Bubble Mood

Bubble Mood is built around its iconic garment: the kimono. At every collection, the kimono is being reinvented, creating a solar and nomadic wardrobe. Shapes are featherlight and symmetrical, tempered with subtle « homemade » prints, filled with all kind of travels memories and cultural encounters, and designed by Olivia Gurdjian, the founder of the brand.

The Bubble Mood silhouette is therefore constantly knotted and untied, playing with the soft goodly lines and the structured aesthetics of the kimono. It is a wardrobe made of pieces destined to dress women, their bodies and foremost their ideas, pieces that become alive and part of their lives as being worn.

By creating these silhouettes, Bubble Mood follows women in their daily lives, their commitments and struggles, their yearnings and passions. The vision is to take the backward flow of the global trend where appearance matters more than what we truly are, and to create clothes fitting what each woman is, and never imposing any standard to them.

Bubble Mood celebrates women, each one and all of them.


"Quality can only be achieved with respect and humanity."

Bubble Mood supports and stands by a sustainable vision of fashion, where everything happens at its own pace, in a righteous way. The right time to create, to share, and to produce. We respect our craftsmen and women, our tailors, we value their know-how by choosing to work with the handmade and unique fabrics that they twill themselves, with its flaws and sometimes imperfections.

Following this ethic and keeping this line of work, Bubble Mood collections are ephemeral bubbles where each piece is made in a limited edition, in a human timely manner, and not accordingly to the industry calendar.